Kitra's Hand Blown Glass Balls

Kitra’s Hand Blown Glass Balls

A Canadian company built on the belief that one-of-a-kind glass art pieces with meaningful sentiments, help open up homes, relationships and community to celebrating the wonder and beauty of everyday moments – no matter the size or occasion. 

Beginning as a small mom-and-pop start up in 1988, Kitra’s Hand Blown Glass Balls 30-plus-year journey has lead them to becoming Canada’s largest hot glass studio. “We are makers of artfully crafted gifts and décor that are full of the unexpected and magical. Our handcrafted work can be found in shops, museums and garden centres across North America.”

We are sure that you will be able to find the exact home décor item  you have always wanted to showcase & convey the intention of a peaceful & unique sound living area.

Here at Angel’s Garden, We hope you find exactly the correct décor here in our gallery. 


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