Makora Krosno

Skilled craftsmen in Krosno, Poland develop Makora Krosno Hand Blown Glass. Krosno is historically renowned for its skilled glass artisans. They have been in operation since 1923. The name of the firm relates to the town of Krosno, in southeastern Poland. They specialize in the production of high-quality glass. Each piece is truly unique making them much loved by all.

These beautiful multicolored vases are handcrafted. Each vase is unique and has its own personality, making them all true works of art. For original effect, Colorful swirls and various patterns cover the hand-blown glass on these beautiful vases. They use the traditional mouth-blowing technique to create each piece. This method is to form original free-flowing designs in the glass. Beautifully rich and vibrant colors grace the interior and exterior of these unique pieces.  The modern and futuristic design of the glassware is based on the concept of minimalism. Makora attaches an original label to the vases. This is to show proof of the authenticity of each piece of Makora Krosno Hand Blown Glass.

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