Roman Studios

Roman Studios

Founded in 1963, Roman Studios has been a leading product line for Christian gifts. 

The family patriarch and company founder Emanuele Fontanini, embarked on his career of figurine crafting in 1893 as a talented 13-year-old apprentice to an artist in Bagni di Lucca, an area of Tuscany known for its great arts and crafts. Fontanini expanded his knowledge and skills in art through travels to European cities. He returned to Bagni di Lucca to launch his company in 1908, using money earned from the sale of his wares throughout the continent.

From Christmas, Angels, Joseph Studios, Garden, & Catholic Gifts, Roman Studios offers a select variety of fun & inspirational designed figurines to inspire peace & faith.

We are sure that you will be able to find the exact figurine you have always wanted to showcase & convey the intention of a peaceful & spiritually sound living area.

Here at Angel’s Garden, We hope you find exactly the correct angel here in our gallery.

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