We provide many different types of crosses that are the perfect adornment for any wall, home, office or garden.

Enjoy browsing through our vast inventory of crosses to find the one which suits you best. We have various pieces from talented artists from around the world. Either large or small, plain or ornate, we are sure to have a beautiful piece of art just waiting for you.

Our collections by well-known artists catch the eye and capture the heart. Continuing out the back door onto our solarium, our guests are bathed in sunlight. The glass building which houses many of our garden decorations and art.  Beyond our solarium they step out to the lush, flowering garden, where one is greeted with the gentle, soothing sounds of water falls. The setting is perfect for the many unusual and appealing outdoor patio and garden adornments. A most inviting spot for those who choose to sit and linger for a while.

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