MOVA Globes

MOVA Globes

Mova Globes rotate with no batteries using first of its kind technology. Each globe is a fixed sphere that contains an inner moving globe. The inner globe contains a precise mechanism made of solar cells & magnets. Solar cells provide power when light passes through, while a magnet reacts with the Earth’s magnetic field to keep the globe in uninterrupted motion.

The solar cells are placed directly behind the globe’s graphics, hidden out of sight. Because most of the ambient light is blocked by the graphics, our solar cells are carefully designed to produce  an efficient amount of energy even with a compromised light source

The motion mechanism needs a source of counter-torque to sustain the continuous rotation. Similar to how a compass needle points to magnetic north and remains in place as you turn the compass, the Mova Globe’s magnets react to the Earth’s magnetic field, with the interaction causing the magnet to remain still while the motion mechanism pivots and turns the entire inner globe. 

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