14″ Mystic Wine Barrel Cross


A heart warming cross to bring inspiration & love into any home

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14″ Mystic Wine Barrel Cross


Barrel Crosses featured at Angel’s Garden are made entirely from vintage wine barrels. The wood is split, shaped, and repurposed to make the body of the cross. The metal fastenings of the barrel are then reworked, twisted, and made into an accompanying adornment.


The vintage material adds a unique rustic style to each piece. Each of our Barrel Crosses has specific features and imperfections from the wood used to produce them. This helps to elevate the finished product, giving each cross its own specific features and defined character. They are sure to add a personal and distinctive touch to any wall. These crosses make for the perfect religious or inspirational gift.

Please note:  All Wine Barrel Crosses come from different wine barrels, often by different craftsmen.  Due to these variables, all dimensions and depictions of the Cross are approximate and should not be construed by the consumer as exact descriptions.

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