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This replica of the DOWNPATRICK CROSS by McHarp is inspired by the actual carved stone cross in Downpatrick, County Down, Ireland. St. Patrick, Apostle of Ireland, landed near Downpatrick at Saul in 432, and was reputedly buried in Downpatrick. The present cathedral dates mainly from the early 19th century, though it incorporates remains of earlier churches that were built, destroyed and rebuilt of 14 turbulent centuries of Irish history. Although there were Christian missionaries in Ireland before Patrick’s arrival, he was able to convert most of the entire island in 30 years, by working converting the local chieftains. The much loved St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland today. On the outskirts of Downpatrick, Struell Wells, believed to be a former pagan place of worship that the saint blessed, has a ruined church. The lamb in the center of the cross represents Christ – The Lamb of God.

Cast in the USA by McHarp, the piece is first carved in clay, and then a mold is taken from the carving. The molds are used to cast the crosses in a durable stone-like material, and the pieces are then stained and sealed several times to achieve the final finish. The cross comes with an attached wire hanger on the back, and is ready to be displayed indoors or outdoors in sheltered areas. There is also an explanation card included with history of the cross.

Dimensions 9.5″ H x 6″ W






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