June Clear Lampe Berger Gift Set


Bring the sweet aroma of pure white tea into your home with the beautiful and elegant June Clear Fragrance Lamp.

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Brighten up your living space with the June Clear Lampe Berger Gift Set that is perfect in any room. The unadorned glass bottle has a sophisticated and minimalist tone, highlighting light and space. The purifying and fragrant feature of this beautiful piece shines through. Enjoy a sense of freedom with the fresh and delicate aroma of Pure White Tea.

Let out your inner decorative self with this June Clear Lampe Berger gift Set and its immaculate colors and add a fragrant touch of Pure White Tea to your home.

  • Height: 5.7″
  • Width: 2.75″
  • Length: 2.75″
  • Material: Lacquered glass
  • Mount: Straight and heavy mounting
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