Hazelnut Clydesdale Jewelry Box with Necklace


One of the worlds largest horses beautifully depicted in a gorgeous miniature fashion.

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The Hazelnut Clydesdale Jewelry Box with Necklace by Kingspoint Design is a unique box with a hidden miniature matching pendant inside. The pendant includes an 18“ gold tone necklace. The jewelry box is stamped on the inside by the designer “KD” and has a glossy enamel finish. This jewelry box with necklace is a beautiful piece that would make an excellent start and or addition to any trinket box collection.

The Hazelnut Clydesdale Jewelry box with necklace is based on the heavy draft-horse breed. Originating in Lanarkshire, Scotland, near the River Clyde. The breed was improved by about 1715 by mating a Flemish stallion and with local mares, because Shire blood was later introduced their size only increased. Clydesdales were taken to North America about 1842 but never became a popular draft horse there.

Clydesdale’s are among the tallest horse breeds. They stand between 16 hands (64 inches) and 18 hands (72 inches) on average. Their imposing height is matched by their weight. Their weight tops 1,600 pounds and stallions often stand taller and weigh more than the mares.


  • Genuine Austrian Crystals
  • Enamel Box
  • Kingspoint Design
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