Brown Carved Puzzle Box


This beautifully handcrafted box is the perfect gift for your friends or family. Expertly hand crafted in Poland, This piece of Eastern European art is a one of a kind.

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The Brown Carved Puzzle Box Looks like a beautifully detailed wooden box from Poland (which it is), but there’s more than meets the eye! This box won’t open if you don’t know the trick. Rotating feet unlock the box.

The Brown Carved Puzzle Box has traditional Polish coloring and design are a beautiful example of Eastern European craft work. Each notch and paint stroke has been created using the same methods the talented crafts people of Poland have used for generations.

Handmade in Poland’s Tatra Mountain region, ensuring no two pieces are ever the same

Size: 7 in. x 4-1/2 in. x 3 in.
Capacity: 47 cu. in.
Material: Wood
Country of Origin: Poland
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