Black Athena


Maison Berger Black Athena Lampe Berger Lamp ata Angel’s Garden, These exquisite odor removing devices not only beautiful in design, but efficient in use

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Black Athena



How to light a Lampe Berger:

  1. Fill the lamp with the accompanying home fragrance.
  2. Light the burner.
  3. Blow the flame out after a couple of minutes to clean the air and release French fragrance that captivates and allures

In his latest collaboration with Maison Berger, accomplished French designer Armand Delsol has harnessed the beauty of these rare rocks in the Geode Paprika Home Fragrance Lamp. The translucent body has the spherical shape of a geode, with a finely worked triangular relief that evokes the ridged edges of the crystals hidden in these rock formations.

Successfully combining tradition and modernity, Maison Berger Paris is a unique brand in the world of home fragrances. Designed in 1898 to purify the air in hospitals has now become a styling icon in the perfume industry. The Lampe Berger, the brand’s flagship product, is known for its air purifying action (by destroying malodorous molecules), which it combines with an intense fragrancing quality.

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