Silver Jungle Lampe Berger Fragrance Lamp


The Lampe Berger, A luminous design & practical use to remove all air born odors.

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Silver Jungle Lampe Berger Fragrance Lamp


Use with any Lampe Berger Fragrance Oil to remove unpleasant odors and delicately perfume your home.

How to light a Lampe Berger:

  1. Fill the lamp with the accompanying home fragrance.
  2. Do not fill the Lampe to the top. Fill only 2/3. The Lampe needs an air space to operate efficiently
  3. When filling the Lampe, when the wick is dry, allow the wick to soak 20 minutes to allow time for the oil to seep into the top stone.
  4. Light the stone & let it flame for two minutes.
  5. Blow the flame out, the Lampe is now working, allow the Lampe to work 20 to 40 minutes. Place the diffuser top on the Lampe. (Do not put the diffuser top on the Lampe when it is flaming.) Stop the Lampe by placing the snuffer over the stone.


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