Seaport Spyce 2 oz. Spray


A pleasing scent that inspires confidence and distinguishment. Enjoy the unique blend of musky scents and oils from Coastal Fragrance.

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The Seaport Spyce Cologne makes for the perfect gift to any man.

  • 2oz spray bottle with a spray applicator

 Coastal Fragrance brings a unique blend of scents and oils that will leave you with an aroma of distinguishment and confidence. Available in collectible bottles that are based on locations from around the country. These cologne and soap scents include Florida Spyce, Gulf Coast Spyce, Chesapeake Bay Spyce, Seaport Spice, Cayman Islands Spyce, Smoky Mountain Spyce, and Cape Hatteras Spyce.

The unique blend of Coastal Fragrance’s Seaport Spyce musky scents combined with soft oils is perfect for use as an after-shave. They also make for the perfect ‘splash’ after a shower that will leave you with a lasting and pleasant scent. 

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