Elegent Blossom Magnolia – Cup/Saucer/Spoon


This beautiful Elegent Blossom Magnolia – Cup/Saucer/Spoon is a truly unique piece. No two will ever be the same. You can be sure this incredible piece is truly one of a kind.

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‘Elegant Blossom’ Waltz – Yulan Magnolia Design

A poem “Yulan Magnolia” by Ming dynasty bard Mu Shi notes,

“It produces refreshingly delicate blossoms, modest yet elegant, that brings spring to life.”

The Yulan magnolia shows an elegant posture with spirituality and a poetic flavor. This porcelain series feature Yulan magnolia flowers in bloom against the backdrop of a cloudless sky, as if a ‘Rainbow Skirts’ waltz melody is drifting across the sky. This appealing porcelain collection surely makes an elegant addition to your home.

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Dimensions 4.5000 × 5.5000 × 3.7500 in
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