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We all have something inside that guides and inspires us, that helps us to know right from wrong, and that shows us the way to go when we have lost our way.We may call it conscience. Or maybe a moral compass. The influence of a loving parent. A power much greater than ourselves. God.Or we may simply see it as The Steeple, rising up above the chaos of our lives, showing us the way home, no matter how far away we may have wandered.


In this simple and profound book, author and photographer Warren Hanson shows us a variety of steeples from all across the United States. And in his short but powerful story, he also shows us that, no matter how complicated our lives may get…


We will always have a steeple as our guide.


In the final 8 pages of this book, Warren talks about the the process of taking the photographs of steeples all across the country. It is a fascinating, and sometimes amusing, bonus.


Dimensions: 8″ x 8″ x 0.25″ 

Hardcover book with dust jacket, 56 pages

Publisher: Tristan Publishing (2013)

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