McHarp Braddan Kirk Cross


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On the BRADDAN KIRK cross by McHarp the Scandinavian chain-link shaft design changes into tree-like branches at the point it enters the wheel, a reminder of link between the stone monument and the tree of life. The oldest symbol of the world-axis (pole or link between heaven and earth) is the sacred tree, best known as the Tree of Life. Pillar stones began to replace sacred trees when nomadic peoples settled and cleared the land for agriculture. When the British Isles became Christian, these pillars were replaced with carved stone crosses. 

Cast in the USA by McHarp– the mother-daughter team of Ruth McKay and Linda Harp. Linda has a masters degree in anthroplogy, and Ruth has an extensive background in art and sculpture. Each cross is inspired by an actual carved stone cross in Ireland. The piece is first carved in clay, and then a mold is taken from the carving. The molds are used to cast the crosses in a durable stone-like material, and the pieces are then stained and sealed several times to achieve the final finish. The cross comes with an attached wire hanger on the back, and is ready to be displayed indoors or outdoors in sheltered areas. There is also a tag included with history of the cross.

Dimensions: 12 1/2″ x 6 1/2″









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