June Rosewood Lampe Berger Gift Set


The soft and delicate beauty of this rosewood colored fragrance lamp casts an air of relaxation to any environment its in.

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The June Rosewood Lampe Berger Gift Set features elegant lacquered glass lamps with soft clean lines and an attractive rosewood exterior.  This sleek and attractive fragrance lamp makes a perfect addition to any decor. 

The satin pink shades of the June Rosewood Lampe Berger Gift Set gives your interior a soft and silky look. Its brilliance captures the eyes of anyone in its presence. The freshness of eucalyptus blends with notes of lavender and wood, creating a powerful composition.

Height: 5.2″
Width: 2.95″
Length: 2.95″
Material: Glass
Mount: Straight and heavy mounting
Color: Rosewood
Volume: 290 ml
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