Ice Cube Lampe Berger Gift Set


The beautiful simplicity of this stunning fragrance lamp is impossible to overlook. The crystal clear transparency brings a true sense of tranquility and peace. 

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The Ice Cube Lampe Berger Gift Set brings timelessness to your home with its revisited design. Here, purity and simplicity become one to make your interior healthy and pure. The Ice cube design creates a tranquil state to your environment with its crystal clear style.

This Beautiful Ice Cube Lampe Berger Gift Set makes the perfect gift for friends or family. As part of a collection or just as a stand alone piece, this gift set is sure to fit your needs.

Maison Bergher began with that of Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, who at the end of the 19th century wanted to purify the air in hospital rooms. 120 years later and the same good intention by Maurice Berger is purifying homes around the world.

The Ice Cube Lampe Berger Gift Set is subtle and stunning. It is sure to make the perfect addition to any interior.

  • Height: 5.1″
  • Width 2.8″
  • Length: 2.8″
  • Mount: straight and heavy mounting
  • Color: Clear
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