Green Hummingbird Glass Enamel Box


Strikingly beautiful. Vibrantly colored. Fast and nimble. The truly remarkable gem of the garden. Nature’s perfect nectar lover and a friend to all flowers.

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This Green Hummingbird Glass Enamel Box is beautifully detailed. This box would make for a perfect piece to keep and display small items. Vibrantly colored and with rich ornamentation, the Green Hummingbird Glass Enamel box is suitable for use in many ways.

Used as a trinket, jewelry or keepsake box, this piece is sure to bring positive and lasting energy to any home or office environment. With the form and colors of nature incorporated into its design, this piece will surely inspire and excite the imagination. This glass enamel box would make a good addition or start to any trinket box collection.

  • Materials: Glass, Enamel
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