Benjamin Chang Small Vase


This Small V Vase by Benjamin Chang titled Outer Space truly a one-of-a-kind piece showcasing a new perspective to visualizing the unknown of the cosmos.

Through his hand painted & fused glass methods, this wide variety of color arrangements & unique design can definitely be a focal point to any home room décor or start an invigorating conversation.

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Benjamin Chang Small Vase – Outer Space

  • Dimensions:  15” x 9’ (With Stand)

Due to the size, weight and insurable nature of this product, a fixed shipping fee will be applied.

Benjamin Chang’s Story:

At an early age, he was drawn to all forms of art, including drawing, painting, and sculpting. During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, he was sent to work on a farm. His yearning for artistic expression could not be contained and soon the rakes were inverted to create paint brushes. Leaves, branches, grasses, rocks, and river stones were collected and re-purposed to create sculptures showing the bounty of nature’s colors and shapes.

His chosen medium is Fused Glass because its sculptural qualities can be combined with painting to create truly unique pieces. He continues to implement the natural themes, shapes, and colors he enjoyed using as a child. Benjamin has always believed that everyone should enjoy the beauty of art and has set out to pioneer techniques that make his art affordable.

This Benjamin Chang Small  Vase is a beautiful art piece for any home décor.

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