Your Journey: Prayer Bracelets

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  • 3-7" Diameter with adjustable band
  • Gray Bracelet Materials: copper, freshwater pearl, glass, plastic, zinc alloy
  • Garnet Bracelet Materials: glass bead, iron, rope, semi-precious stone

“A lot happens in seven days. Things change. Plans fall short. Joy and sorrows weave through each day. As you travel on your journey, stop to take time for prayer. This bracelet has a strand to represent each day of the week. A special bead for every day helps you focus on God, family, friends, health, safety, our world and requests. Let this be a guide to remind you wherever your journey leads, you are never alone.”

The sentiment shared with these bracelets is one of faith, hope, and perseverance. Wearing this bracelet is an everyday reminder that God follows you through your hardships and He is there to lean on when looking toward difficult times. 

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