Trail of Painted Ponies

The Trail of Painted Ponies has stampeded into American Art History as one of the most successful public art projects of all time! Born and bred in Santa Fe, this wildly popular public art project invited artists to let their imaginations run wild and transform life-size horse sculptures into stunning original works of art.

These dazzling Painted Ponies were exhibited throughout the state of New Mexico and they enchanted hundreds of thousands of people and reinvigorated tourism, while raising awareness and funds for worthy non-profit organizations.

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  • Native Paint

    Trail Of Painted Ponies

    Native Paint

    Native PaintStandard Edition In the past, Native Americans did not communicate through writing as

  • Buttercup

    Trail Of Painted Ponies


    A buttercup is a yellow cup-shaped flower that calls to mind sunny fields of golden wildflowers bloo