Short Blue Angel Tea or Coffee Pot (With TeaLight Holder)

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This stunning handmade ceramic and brass BLUE ANGEL TEA OR COFFEE POT WITH STAND by Bulgarian artist, Ivan Panov, is exquisitly detailed both in design and shape.  On this functional art piece, Panov uses a palette of blues and bronze with red and teal accents creating an eye-catching and elegant composition. The use of brass fittings sets this tea/coffee pot apart from others.  The ceramic stand includes a ceramic tea light holder with a spoon handle.  

Teapot collectors and ceramic art enthusiasts find this to be a magnificent selection. Other Panov pieces that compliment this piece are Blue Mug (0) and Blue Mug ($)--sold separately.

Dimensions: 10.25" H x 11" W x 6" D

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Ivan A. Panov was born on 28 April 1972 in Pleven, Bulgaria. He became interested in art as a little boy, attending SUNDAY DRAWING, SCULPTING AND DESIGN CLASSES at his hometown´s local cultural community centre.

After primary school he left for the town of Troyan at the foot of the Balkan Mountain range to study ceramics under professors Vladimir and Svetlana Kirov at a specialised five-year ART SCHOOL. He recived practical training at the largest ceramics workshop in Troyan.

Before turning 25 he left Bulgaria for further training in Prague. He got a job at the B&F Studio and worked there for almost two years.

In 1999 he founded Atelier Accent with his best friend. At the beginning, the Studio focused on making Ceramic Products for everyday use and interior decoration.

For additional information about this artist, click here. Artists' Biographies



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