Sea Turtle Flotilla Metal Wall Art

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  •  Size: 12 x 16

This art piece is constructed from flattened steel oil drums and smoothed by hand. The design is truly one of a kind and shows the beauty that can arise form discarded waste when it's repurposed so artfully. A wonderful gift, this Hand Crafted Metal Wall Art design is a certain to create a focal point wherever it is hung.  

Beyond Borders has partnered with Haitian artisans to help them connect their artwork to the world. In doing so the artisans have been able to lead a better, more financially stable life as well as given them even more opportunities to grow and produce art. When you purchase any piece available from Beyond Borders, you help to promote fair trade possibilities and help the Haitian artisans in their quest to live a prosperous life and provide for their families. Now that's art with a purpose!

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