Pottery Floral Owl Sculpture


This amazing sculpture is as elegant as it is stunning. This hand painted, hand crafted creation is a truly unique piece. On a mantlepiece, shelf or cabinet this beautiful example of polish pottery will be sure to catch your gaze.

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This beautiful Pottery Floral Owl Sculpture by Lidia’s Polish Pottery is a fantastic piece of artwork. The floral design coupled with the wise nature of the owl brings the magic of the day and the night directly to your home.

This owl sits silently upon whichever perch you find the best fitting.

With emerald green leaves. Stunning floral eyes and deep blue down feathers on its majestic body. The colors of the flowers truly portray the beauty of this magnificent sculpture.

All the pottery created by Lidia’s Polish Pottery is produced in Boleslawiec Poland. 

The company is a small family-owned business with only around 25 staff. Because of this, it gives each piece of pottery a much more personal and unique quality which is evident in each and every piece created. This is evident with the Pottery Floral Owl Sculpture.


  • Pottery floral owl sculpture
  • Hand made
  • Hand-painted
  • Made in Poland
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