Polish Pottery Tea Pots

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  • Both pieces feature teapots about five inches in diameter, and about six inches tall.
  • Option A2 features a coordinated tea-light holder as a footing, allowing beverages to be kept warm by tealight conveniently at the table.
  • Made In Poland
  • Hand Painted
  • Hand Crafted
  • Proprietary Porcelain
  • Polish Family Business



These two tea pots feature adorable designs across all 360 degrees of their exteriors - they offer their owner and anyone fortunate enough to be served a hot beverage in such a fine functional art piece a feeling of peace, tranquility, and awe at the beauty of even the more typical scenes in nature or even a country garden. Available in two designs, one (option A2) featuring butterflies floating among the tops of foliage and dancing with each hand-directed stroke of the painter's brush around and around with never-ending gaiety. The other design, (option A1) featuring plumes of red flowers - roses? carnations? tulips? - among stems, leaves, and just in front of a slim, towering blue-flowering species of flora.

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