Peacock Splendor Teapot

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Height: 8-1/4 in., Width: 9-1/4 in., Depth: 9-1/2 in.

Artist: Kathy Ireland

LUMINESCENCE PEACOCK TEA POT by the talented artists of Franz Porcelain. Franz's talented Artists have experimented with the many ways to glaze, decorate and fire ceramics for decades. More than a dozen separate processes go into the production of the intricately sculpted tabletop, vases, and decorative accents. This wonderful new Luminescence Peacock Tea pot features a design that will be cherished by all. Be sure to check out the other Luminescence Peacock designs.

 The Franz porcelain Peacock Splendor Collection features a peacock motif in beautiful shades of blue and green with accents of yellow and orange. The Luminescence design team included Johnny Ho, the award winning designer and sculptor from the Franz Design studio. Johnny Ho brought his artistic genius into this collection as he has accomplished with other award winning Franz collections like the “Papillion” Butterfly and Ladybug collections. This charming sculptured porcelain collection includes magnificent peacock teapot, tea cup and saucer set, creamer, sugar jar with cover, spoon, tea lite holder, salt and pepper shakers, ornamental platters, large and small vases and magnificent peacock tidbit dish. All of the Franz porcelain tabletop items are functional and approved by the FDA for use with food.

Long considered as an auspicious icon in China. 

When it comes to courtship, 
Male peacock spreads his tail as a rainbow of sapphire, 
Dancing trippingly for his beloved’s smile. 
In the Chinese culture, peacock is a symbol of perfect choice. 
This collection would be a nice wedding gift or a gift to congratulate someone on his or her promotion.





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