Multicolored Metallic Oval Vase

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Dimensions: 9"W x 14.5"H

The bold and vibrant colors on this HAND BLOWN MULTICOLORED METALLIC OVAL VASE by Viz Glass is an eye-popping pop of color that can be used in modern or traditional decor. The use of ground-by-hand glass in the hand-blowing process is a unique combination that adds interesting dimension and tactile beauty. 

Because Viz Art Glass is made in small batches and the processes are performed by hand, you can be sure each piece is an individual work of art.

It is our policy to fill your order with the exact vase shown above.

With over 100 studios, VIZ GLASS is a family owned glass company headquartered in Northern California. This company focuses on the art and design world and takes pride in its high standard of social and environmental sustainability. 

For more information about Viz Glass click here: Artists' Biographies 







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