First Snow in the Woods

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FIRST SNOW IN THE WOODS is written, directed, and edited by Laura and Robert Sams and features original music by Laura Sams.

In a pumpkin patch surrounded by the reds and golds of fall, a worried scarecrow watches the animals prepare for winter.

"Soon I'll be put back in the barn all alone until spring." he sighs. And he worries another season will pass without scaring a single crow - or meeting the beautiful lady scarecrow across the field.

A mouse moves into his straw-filled heart, tells him the story of First Snow in the Woods and helps him trust the changing seasons.

This heartwarming, hilarious tale is filled with stunning wildlife footage and original music (including a groundhog, chipmunk and woodpecker's ode to fall).

Based on the book First Snow in the Woods, the third chapter in the best-selling children's trilogy by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick.

DVD Special Features:

  •  Woodpecker "Knock-Knock" Jokes
  •  Go behind-the scenes with Directors
  •  English subtitles for the hearing impaired

First Snow in the Woods runtime: Approximately 30 minutes

Special Features runtime: Approximately 14 minutes






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