Colander By Lidia Giske

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  • Fine Porcelain Handshaped in Poland
  • Each Piece Painted By Hand
  • Traditional Polish Porcelain Creatively Applied
  • Each Piece a Functional Work Of Art



Colander by Lidia Giske's Polish Pottery offers another piece to a very complete gastronomic experience, as well as utility for a culinarian, ecoutrements for a tea habitué, the works for a bean fiend; an individual with a good diversity of the Giske Polish Pottery Offerings almost certainly has amassed a kitchen well stocked and prepared for the satisfaction of even the most demanding of requests from the most discerning pallets. If one were to collect a complete representation of all of the pieces available, one would have a remarkable diversity of possibilities in the form of beverage or food creation - a fine element of the Polish Pottery legacy is the encouragement that you explore your own creativity, do yourself a favor, slow down, select ingredients with care, and incorporate implements, vessels, utensils, and dishes that inspire you to appreciate - maybe to take more care - I think you will fine that, along with the benefit of the independent beauty of the piece...

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