"Chocolate Milk" Designed Vase

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 Dimensions: 8"W x 17"H

This "CHOCOLATE MILK" DESIGNED VASE from Viz Glass is inspired by one of the most simple life experiences: Spilt milk. Whimsical and unique, this creation may remind you of hot chocolate with floating cream or melted marshmallows. Notice that the design wraps around to suggest the flow of the spilt milk.

It is our policy to fill your order with the exact vase shown above.

Because Viz Art Glass is made in small batches and the processes are performed by hand, you can be sure each piece is an individual work of art.

These original eye-catching pieces combine contemporary and traditional shapes and designs for large or small spaces. Art glass, when made by hand, may show small air bubbles, lines, individual marks left by the artists. These are not flaws, but rather the distinctive nature of the hand-blown process, which characterizes and highlights the individuality of each piece of work.

For more information about Viz Glass click here: Artists' Biographies 




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