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Each gift set consists of three items (of the same scent):

  • 4 oz. CAPE HATTERAS Cologne with a free applicator sprayer (a $2.50 value)
  • Filled 2 oz. canister of CAPE HATTERAS Cologne (refillable)
  • 1 CAPE HATTERAS Coastal Fragrance Bar Soap

CAPE HATTERAS COASTAL FRAGRANCE GIFT SET makes a complete, convenient and thoughtful gift. CAPE HATTERAS from Coastal Fragrance is a unique blend of warm and inviting aromas with a splash of fresh, classic scents, using the classic fragrance of the northern bayberry (Myrica Pensylvanica) herbs together with true soft oils to create a scent that it subtle yet distinctive. The amber bottle is decorated with a lighthouse and a lighthouse on the pewter cap. Made in Pensacola.


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