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  • Hand crafted in Prague
  • Smaller than Large blue sky mugs, but paradoxically capable of containing the same quantity of blue sky for those looking for compact solutions.
  • May be used for hot or even cold beverages in addition to blue skies - capacity for liquids not equivalent to capacity for blue sky.
  • A nice and dainty but still ample little mug, especially for tea drinkers.
  • Blue motif very flexible and capable of working with many interiors, table settings, and tea sets - although the individuality also sets it apart.
  • An excellent addition to any unique and vibrant tea set, table setting, etc.


If you don't need the large volumes granted in the larger blue sky mugs, and find yourself satisfied with lesser quantities of liquids, than the small blue sky mugs are just right. With a capacity of roughly 10 fluid ounces, these little mugs can accommodate lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, a London Fog - all while maintaining ample capacity for blue sky.

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