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Artists' Biographies


Ivan A. Panov was born on 28 April 1972 in Pleven, Bulgaria. He became interested in art as a little boy, attending SUNDAY DRAWING, SCULPTING AND DESIGN CLASSES at his hometown´s local cultural community centre.

After primary school he left for the town of Troyan at the foot of the Balkan Mountain range to study ceramics under professors Vladimir and Svetlana Kirov at a specialised five-year ART SCHOOL. He recived practical training at the largest ceramics workshop in Troyan.

Before turning 25 he left Bulgaria for further training in Prague. He got a job at the B&F Studio and worked there for almost two years.

In 1999 he founded Atelier Accent with his best friend. At the beginning, the Studio focused on making Ceramic Products for everyday use and interior decoration.

Ivan Angelov Panov - Prague, Czech RepublicIn 2006 he set up CERAMIC STUDIO PRAGUE along with an art school for beginners and all other interested parties.

Since then, many students have come to Ivan´s Studio young, old, beginners, artists, professionals. Using tailored one-to-one approach, Ivan teaches them to sculpt, design and create works of art, use different techniques and make small and big objects, including earthenware and vases.

Ivan A.Panov has been included in numerus exhibitions. He has had solo shows in DUBLINPRAGUE and DENMARK, while he had participated in many group shows before that. He was commissioned to make a special project for an AQUA PARK in ABU DHABI in United Arab Emirates by an Indian and American company – a map of Arab gulf based on an artefact almost 2000 years old, which stretches over 35 m2 and includes several fountains and reliefs at the entrance to the park. His work has been covered by several newspapers and magazines.


Essie Zareh is a professional artist and has been involved in the development of glass art work during the past 12 years.   Within his profession he is well respected. His art work originates from the old Russian style which he combines with his own techniques and unique designs to creating beautiful works of art .

During the past 12 years of his career he has participated in numerous International Trade Shows in the USA and Canada. His art pieces can be found in many galleries, museums and show rooms around the world. Baijan glass is top quality hand made art glass from Azerbaijan Southwest of Russia. Since each piece is hand made (blown) you will never see two pieces that are exactly alike.  

The art of blown glass is an old tradition which goes back about 3000 years when the Persian Empire ruled the region. In the late 18th century Azerbaijan fell under the Russian rule and finally in 1989 got its independence and became The Republic of Azerbaijan.   

The tradition of glass blowing has not changed since the 18th century and pieces are still made in brick ovens with black oil.

Essie Zareh, using multilayers of colored glass along with his unusual designs and exotic shapes creats a unique collection of glass art.   Each color represents one layer of glass and there is no painting.  Each piece is an original creation and there may be slight variations in size, pattern and color. 

Most of pieces are signed by Essie Zareh to insure authenticity.


Beyond Borders has been working with and nurturing Haitian metal artists in Croix-des-Bouquets for fifteen years. We meet directly with them to ensure that quality and craftsmanship standards remain high. We love the constant exchange and blossoming of new product and design ideas. Most importantly, we see real economic improvement and lives bettered through the creation and sharing of their beautiful art. This success is about a true partnership between the Haitian artists, Beyond Borders, you as our retail customers, and your customers… all who get to love this art and share in the story.

In the 1950s, DeWitt Peters, a patron of Haitian arts, was intrigued by the iron crosses marking many of the above-ground tombs. Peters discovered the blacksmith who had fashioned the crosses, soon to be renowned Haitian artist Georges Liautaud…and so began Haitian metal art. The original raw material was iron, but with many goods shipped to Haiti in 55-gallon steel oil drums, there was a ready supply of discarded drums for the artisans.

Over the years the number of Haitian metal artists has multiplied via families and mentor / students embracing the craft. The center of Haitian metal arts is the village of Croix-des-Bouquets, where the clang-clang of metal on metal, the hammers banging out the sculptures, provides constant music. The artisans start with designs inspired by nature and culture. From cardboard patterns, they trace their design with chalk on the flattened metal from torn-down oil drums. With chisels and hammers, they carefully cut and decorate the metal by hand. Each piece is shaped and smoothed, then the artists boldly and proudly chisel their name on to the metal sculpture.








David Scherer is an American Artist who works in a variety of mediums, bring an intriguing, distinctive style and vibrancy, to all of his three dimensional works of art.

"I am what I am, I do what I do"

Well known for his 3-D paintings, Scherer's pioneering focus and innovative techniques, fuse the explosion of textures and colors to ignite energy evident in every creation. Scherer attributes his unique direction to the expansion of his cumulative experience of more than 30 years as an artist.

David Scherer's work is sold all over the world and can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. Forever evolving, Scherer's art has been featured coast-to-coast in the United States, throughout Europe and the South Pacific.

Energetic and complex, David Scherer's work captures the essence of this modern era, and the passion that is art.



Dean Crouser was born and raised in Oregon and his love of fishing, camping and the outdoors can be found in the expressions of his art. His childhood summers were spent camping and fishing on the foothills of Mt. Hood, Columbia River Gorge and Central Oregon High Lakes.

When it comes to painting, he tries to keep his work loose and simple. "I am always striving to say the most with the least and like to keep my work loose and spontaneous."

Dean's work is licensed by several companies worldwide and his watercolor paintings of hummingbirds, fish and wildlife are enjoyed by thousands of art enthusiasts and collectors around the world. " My goal is to capture the beauty and simplicity of a scene in a manner that people haven't seen a million times before." Dean's unique style and abundant use of color add excitement and action to all of his work.

An accomplished athlete, Crouser competed in the shot put and discus on the University of Oregon's famed track and field team. He was a three-time NCAA champion, seven-time All American and was inducted into the U of O Hall of Fame in 2003. After more than 30 years his school records still stand. He lives in Gresham, Oregon with his wife Molly and has two children, Sam and Haley. 



After sculpting exclusively in bronze for large public monuments and hundreds of Christian church commissions, Schmalz continues to work on large scale projects around the world.

Image result for timothy schmalz biography photo

Born in rural Ontario, Canada in 1969 and only 40 years later Timothy is by far one of the most prolific artists of our time. Much like the past masters, his calling to the fine art of sculpture was a spiritual one. The best insight to how he feels about his vocation is his mission statement: “I am devoted to creating artwork that glorifies Christ. The reason for this devotion, apart from my Christian beliefs, is that an artist needs an epic subject to create epic art.

Schmalz philosophy on sculpture is simple; work should be beautiful and tell a story of something. Sculpture is a form of communication, just like speech. The power of the sculpture is determined by what is represented, for instance, a great historical event  is a subject that will lend itself to becoming a great sculpture. 

Schmalz continues to seek powerful, meaningful, subject matter for new creations.



Raised around his grandmother who was a potter, Danko began throwing clay at a young age. He attended an art academy where he studied painting but continued to practice his ceramic skills. During a trip to Prague in the late 1990's, he was fascinated by the sense of design and color displayed in the work of Czech artists. Coming home with renewed energy, he started creating a new style of pottery.

The markings and designs on his pieces are drawn from those on the antique Bulgarian furniture and pottery he recalls from his childhood. His work melds an old world form with contemporary styling, resulting in objects which are expressive, whimsical and truly unique. Every piece is individually formed and painted and includes the artist's stamp. 



As master carver, Peter is the man responsible for the humorous Treasure Jest™ series. His works have captured the attention of collectors worldwide, although interestingly he has had no formal arts training.

Born in 1960 in Hereford, England, he first picked up a piece of modeling clay at the age of three but didn't pursue sculpting for nearly thirty years. He worked odd jobs during his youth, and when he fell short of money he painted china, a craft he had acquired when he worked as a ceramic artist at Boehms of Malvern.

In 1990 Peter experienced a stroke of good fortune. By that time Martin had realised he needed to hire a master carver for Antiquark and was interviewing for the position. Michael Tandy, Peter's friend, was one of the candidates and asked Peter to accompany him on the interview. As his friend was leaving the interview with the promise to carve some samples, Peter whispered to Martin that he thought he could carve a couple too. Michael returned with "The Ram" and what was later known as "Who'd A Thought." Peter brought a series of six ducks, four of which later became part of the Harmony Kingdom "Large Treasure Jest" series.

By 1992 Peter was earning a modest income from his carvings for Antiquark and from painting china. However, he felt it was time to embark on a "real" career, so he enrolled in a university journalism course. It is here where he met his wife Andrea, who was also studying journalism. By 1994 they were planning their wedding, which took place in September 1995. Many box figurines from this time are encrypted with wedding references. Both Peter and Andrea love wildlife, so their honeymoon was spent on a South African safari, which also figures prominently in some of his pieces.


Peter and Andrea live a bucolic life in the English countryside. They share their home with "Spike" the cockatiel, Peter's beloved dog Murphy, and a small ginger coloured cat named "LG" for Little Ginger, whose "pet" name is "Algy." Andrea is a great sport in letting Peter reveal in his art private details of their lives together and that of Peter's former girlfriends. One notable girlfriend that is referenced in a number of pieces is Zoe Bain, whom Peter met while taking a computer course at a London university nearly twenty years ago.

Thank goodness Peter gave up his jouralistic

Peter and Andrea Calvesbertaspirations. He works full-time as Harmony Kingdom's most prolific and well-recognized master carver. We can still enjoy his writings in the quarterly column "Planet Calvesbert" in Harmony Kingdom's newsletter "The Queen's Courier."





Benjamin Chang was born near Shanghai, China. From an early age he was drawn to all of Art and loved drawing, painting and sculpting.

During the Cultural Revolution he was sent to a farm but his yearning for artistic expression could not be contained and soon rakes were invented to create paints brushes in the mud. Leaves, branches, grasses, rocks and river stones were collected and repurposed to create sculptures showing the bounty of nature’s colors and shapes.

 Soon the townspeople noticed his creations and word of his talent spread all the way to Beijing. After seeing his work, the Chinese Government brought him to Beijing and dedicated his time to creating art for the Party. The visibility of these projects soon brought international attention.

Recognizing his talents and future San Francisco’s Academy of Art University gave him a full scholarship for a Master’s Degree. Ben fell in love with San Francisco and chose to make the City his new home and today all of his designs and creations begin in his San Francisco studio.

 Most of his art pieces reflect his heritage and have a distinctive East meets West inspiration. Nature – which provided all of the colors and shapes of his earliest creations— has a recurring theme in his work


 His chosen medium is Fused Glass because of its sculptural qualities can be combined with painting to create truly unique pieces.

 Ben has always believed that everyone should enjoy the beauty of art so he pioneered techniques to make his art affordable. Today a guild of artist selected by Ben and taught by Ben recreates his work to achieve his affordable mission.

 Although Ben receives large public commissions for a one of-a-kind-piece, he has found affordable art his greatest joy because it has brightened the lives of so many.

 What began in a small village today encircles the globe and his art is found in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North and South America.

 Ben hopes you enjoy the luminous colors and captivating shapes of your chosen piece. He is honored to be in your home.



In 1991 Daniel Maxwell and his wife Jodi returned home to Northern Ontario to establish their Pottery Studio.

        Using a strong stoneware clay, all work is made on the pottery wheel or is hand built. With his own recipe of glaze colours, Daniel hand paints each piece in one of his many unique designs.profile.jpg

        Daniel attributes his pride of craftsmanship and tasteful use of colour to having studied and worked at Sheridan College School of craft and design in Oakville, Ontario for nine years.

        Daniel says to his customers “I make functional pots,I want people to enjoy them for their utilitarian qualities as well as their decorative appeal.

        Daniel’s lead free pottery is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe and brings many years of pleasure.



 London, Toronto, New York!

Celebrated artist~ Jacqueline Kent was born in London, England.  From an early age onward, most of her life has been spent residing in Canada and she now makes London, Ontario her home.

Entirely self-taught, she established a reputation as a gifted, character design artist, becoming well known for her true-to-life sculptures, in particular, her distinguished Father Christmas’s and signature Fairy Godmothers.  By the mid-‘90’s, she is empowered by an enormous following in the giftware and collectibles industry and she begins searching for a means to satisfy the needs of an ever-increasing market. She successfully enters the mass production industry and is soon delighting a growing audience with, not only her one-of-a-kind sculptures, but with a vast array of captivating reproductions.   

More recently, by 2010, her ‘passion for fashion’ becomes a driving force!  Taking advantage of her hands-on experience and expanding knowledge in the industry, she triumphantly launches a line of jewelry.  She is soon working with 31 factories in the Orient, ensuring top quality and diversity in her lines.  “Jacqueline Kent’s Inner Circle, Inc.” becomes the heart of the brand!

Today, Jacqueline is proud to bring home to Canada, a collection of timeless favorites and fairy tale classics!  Her trend-setting jewelry lines feature a dynamically styled array of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, from delicate to bold, or carefree to classic, with many hand crafted with Swarovski elements, for stylish expressions.  

“Jacqueline Kent!” - A name, an idea, a design, a collection, at its very best!