18" Red Fish Plate By Benjamin Chang

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  • 18 inches by 10.5 inches, 1.5 inches tall
  • Fused Glass Fish Sculpture Doubles As Intricate Plate
  • Perfect For Small Social Meals featuring fish course(s)
  • Ideal as a decorative yet functional serving plate

This piece by Benjamin Chang is rich in its red color, it is well-detailed, yet playfully stylized rather than feeling too anatomical. The plate/fish sculpture is an exciting potential inclusion in the execution of a social meal, perhaps a fish grill or fish fry with friends. Rather than plating for your guests, or using a more mundane plate or cutting board to place the fish course (or really any course - the plate ideally fitting the meal thematically; the availability of fish of some fashion), using this piece alone will ignite conversation and sustain the memory far more than virtually any other singular object one could consider. 

Whether it may be a family reunion along the Great Lakes, or a grill-out with friends after some tropical game fishing in the Gulf - this plate will inspire commentary and admiration as time passes - as is true of any good fish tale.

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